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We are an established team of house design professionals including architects, interior designers, and trained experts who specialize in providing cutting-edge house design consultation services which includes which includes floor planning, exterior 3d design (elevation), and interior designing. The projects we work on range from your illustrious bungalows to your cozy row-houses and flats. We envision beautiful spacious spaces for you with out innovative consulting for house design and applying
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Frequently Ask Questions

The architect is responsible for deciphering the intricate building requirements and zoning regulations. Your criteria will serve as the basis for the architect's search for qualified building contractors who can fulfil them. The architect makes site visits in order to assist in ensuring that the building project is being constructed in accordance with the plans and the specifications.

1 - Save time: Meeting an architect or searching in offline requires time. While in online you can schedule a call from your home

2 - Experienced team: While hiring a nearby architect you may have to settle for the only option available which may not be that much experienced. We have years of experience in architectural and construction field. So you can take advantage of the same.

Architects are just intended for design. They have devoted many hours to researching and analysing design ideas. When an architect creates a home, he or she strives to plan the area well to ensure that there is no deadspace. Moreover, air and light are taken into account in an architect's designs for homes by default. While civil engineers are responsible for site execution.

The specific drawings that are required for your house will be determined by a number of different aspects, such as the size and scope of the project, the local building codes and regulations, your budget and timeframe, and your own personal tastes.

However, here are some common drawings that may be needed for your home:


Floor plan
Structural design
3D exterior elevation
Electrical layout
Plumbing layout

Interior design:

Interior 3D views
Furniture details
Ceiling design
Bathroom details

At Smartscale we provide all the above

  • Architectural design starts from Rs. 24,499 which includes Floor plan, Structural design, 3D exterior elevation, Electrical layout & Plumbing layout.
  • Interior design starts from Rs. 3500 per view per room. Interior design cost depends on the type of interiors needed.
  • Modern bungalow
  • Kerala style bungalow
  • Modern mix with Kerala style
  • Eco friendly bungalow
  • Farmhouse style bungalow
  • Colonial style bungalow
  • Portuguese style (Goan style)
  • French style

Custom-designed to meet each client. We don't need much of your time, but we want you involved. Throughout the SD and DD phases, when we are designing your home, we consider the client an essential component of the team. We can customise our procedure for each individual client because we are aware that our clients are also occupied, thus we have devised ways to make the "decisions needed" simpler. The goal of our method is to create satisfied customers, and as long as we set clear objectives from the beginning, everything will go according to plan.

This is something that is contingent upon a number of factors, including the scale of the project as well as the length of time it takes the client to make judgements. When we have finished our initial discussion, we will be able to devise a schedule. Usually for a house floor plan we take 48 hours to deliver the first draft.

We recommend scheduling a phone call to discuss your project and any questions you may have. We try to provide as much information as possible online, but each project and client has unique concerns.

After our phone call, we will start the work based on the requirements. Post that we schedule a online meet to discuss the design.

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