8x7- Bathroom-Modern-Interior-Design-Grey-Peach-Theme-smartscale-house-design-1

8×7- Bathroom-Modern-Interior-Design-Grey-Peach-Theme


11×10-Kitchen-Modular-Interior-Design-Cream-Wooden-Theme – 2556


7×7- Minimalistic-Bathroom-Interior-Design-Grey-Wooden-Theme

This interior design of a bathroom of size 7×7 is planned with a modern minimalist and luxury theme. The size is 7 ft x 7 ft which is 36 sqft area. It is in grey wooden theme.

Smartscale house design offers a modern interior design solutions.

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Plot Area: 49 sq ft
Width: 7 ft
Length: 7 ft
Building Type: Residential
Building Category: House
Style: Modern

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