Kerala style bungalow/smartscale house design

Kerala Style Bungalow Design in Modern Architecture

Kerala style bungalows are some of the most popular houses in India. They are known to have a rustic feel with a touch of modern architecture. These homes have been around for many years and they help give you an old world charm with a modern twist.

What is a Kerala Style Bungalow?

Kerala style bungalow is a traditional home that was popular during the 1900s. It has sloping roofs, earthy materials such as bricks and wood, large windows and doors, small rooms and floors made of stone or wood. This style can be seen in many buildings around India today.

Kerala Style Bungalow Design in Modern Architecture/ Smartscale house design
Kerala bungalows | Smartscale house design

Why Do You Want A Kerala Style Bungalow?

If you want to live in a home that is close to nature, the kerala style bungalow is the perfect option for you. If you are looking for a home that is easy to maintain and affordable, then this style of architecture could be just what you are looking for.

Kerala style house design are eco-friendly by using natural materials such as wood from local forests and earth cement bricks made from clay found onsite which allows them to retain moisture when exposed to weather conditions making them less susceptible to damage from harsh elements such as winds or rainstorms which could cause cracks in walls or other parts of buildings causing leaks through joints between different materials causing water damage inside rooms leading

to mold growth due its moist environment; thus making Kerela Style Bungalows very durable over time

Kerala Style Bungalow Design in Modern Architecture/ Smartscale house design - relaxing gazebo
Relaxing gazebo in landscape | Smartscale house design

Features and advantages of Kerala style bungalow

Kerala style bungalows are known for their natural ventilation, light and airy interiors, close to nature and good for health. The design features open spaces that give a feeling of openness, which is important for mental health.

The architecture of Kerala is inspired by the tropical climate and its people’s love for nature, resulting in beautiful home designs with outdoor spaces that can be used year round. This idea has been replicated in modern designs as well: modern architects have been using this concept to create homes where people can relax without feeling claustrophobic or oppressed by closed spaces.

Sloping roof

The sloping roof is a feature of the Kerala style bungalows. The sloping roof helps reduce the height of the building, thus making it more energy efficient and attractive. Sloping roofs are also popular because they are easier to clean than flat roofs, which can be a problem in areas with heavy rainfall.


Terracotta is a baked clay brick. It’s used in the construction of houses, and it has several advantages over other materials:

  • Terracotta is an excellent insulator, which means that it keeps heat inside your home during winter and cool air outside during summer. This can help you save on heating costs by reducing your energy bill each month.
  • The material is durable and fireproof, so if there were ever an emergency situation where you needed to escape from your house quickly, terra cotta would help keep you safe from burning down (or even exploding).
  • It’s also hygienic–terrain cottas do not absorb moisture like other materials do; so no mold will grow inside them after being exposed to water for long periods of time!

Natural material

Natural material is used in the construction of the house. The natural materials used include wood, stone and clay. These materials give a earthy feeling to your home because they are made out of natural materials like trees, rocks and soil.

The walls and roof of the house are also made out of these natural materials which gives it a rustic look that appeals to most people’s taste buds!

The flooring too can be made out of any type of wood such as teak wood or cedar wood which makes your living room look more beautiful with its rich texture and color variations depending on how you arrange it there (you could even have cushions under each corner so that all guests feel comfortable when sitting down).

Earthy feeling

A kerela style bungalow is known for its earthy feeling, with natural materials and a sloping roof. The bungalows are made from bricks and stone, which gives them a traditional look but also makes them eco-friendly. With terracotta tiles on the outside walls, you can easily tell that this home was built in an old style of architecture where people were less concerned about how their house looked compared to how comfortable it was to live in.

The most important feature of these homes is their sloping roofs that give them a very different look than other houses around them (especially if you’re used to seeing modern homes).

Old style homes

Kerala style bungalow homes are built in a way that makes them feel like they have been there for a long time, and this is achieved through the use of natural materials such as wood and sandstone. The roof is sloping, which helps to create an earthy feel to these homes. Windows are also placed high up on walls so as not to cut into your view of nature outside; this also helps with keeping out unwanted noise from outside!

Modern architects using them in their designs.

Architects are using the kerela style bungalow in their house designs. Modern architects use them because they give the house a modern feel and look. Modern bungalows are also good for people who want a simple but beautiful home that is easy to maintain, as well as being very affordable.

The bungalow has many variations, including the Georgian style bungalow, which is popular in America.

The bungalow was originally designed as a tropical home, with wide verandas and large windows, but the style has evolved to suit many different climates. Many modern bungalows have been built in cold climates, where they are known as “ski cabins” because of their small size and simple design.

The bungalow is a very popular house type, and has been around since the 17th century. The name comes from “bung”, which means “hut” in Bengali.


Modern architects are using these modern bungalows in their home designs.

Modern architects are using these modern bungalows in their designs. The reason for this is that they want to create a modern feel, design and style.

Modern architects are using these types of designs because they want to create something new and interesting.

ndoor courtyard in kerala style bungalow/Smartscale house design
Indoor Courtyard in Kerala Style House | Smartscale House Design


Kerala style terracotta jaalis - Smartscale house design
Kerala style terracotta jaalis | Smartscale house design


There are many modern architects who have incorporated these Bungalows into their designs. They can be used as a backdrop for a modern home or they can stand out on their own as a piece of art. This is just one example of how creative designers are using this style of architecture in new ways! We at Smartscale are a team of architects using such modern concepts for house designs. We have completed numerous unique design projects. To give your dream home a unique reality, then connect with us for a free consultation.


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