Getting Your Home Festival-Ready with a Perfect Whitewash


Festivals are a time for happiness, community, and rejuvenation. One way to bring this positive energy into your home is by giving it a flawless whitewash in preparation for the celebrations. A fresh coat of whitewash not only brightens up your living space but also serves as a canvas for a fantastic makeover. At Smartscale House Design, we understand the importance of making your loved ones feel at home during the holidays. In this article, we will guide you through the procedures and items needed to get your house ready for a whitewash.


Why Whitewashing Matters
Before diving into the “how-to” details, let’s pause and think about why whitewashing is essential during festivals. Whitewashing isn’t just about making your walls look clean; it’s also about cleansing your space, creating a blank canvas for decoration, and embracing age-old traditions of revitalization and rebirth. The primary goal of whitewashing is to remove negative energy and feelings, making your home feel fresh and festive.


Prepare the Surface
Effective whitewashing starts with careful preparation. Begin by removing all furniture and decorations from the room to ensure no area is overlooked. Use a scrubber to remove any oil, dust, or grime, making the surface smooth for the whitewash to adhere. Patch up any holes or cracks in the walls to ensure an even application of whitewash.


Choose the Right Whitewash
The success of your festive whitewash depends on selecting the right whitewash material. You can choose the classic lime-based whitewash or modern options like latex or acrylic paint, depending on your preference. While latex or acrylic paints offer a wider range of colors and durability, lime-based whitewash has a rustic charm and is environmentally friendly.


Gather Your Tools
Before you begin the whitewashing process, make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand. These include selecting the right-sized paintbrush or roller, using drop cloths to protect furniture and floors from spills, having buckets for the whitewash solution, and sticks for stirring to mix the whitewash.


Mixing the Whitewash
For a traditional lime-based whitewash, mix water with slaked lime. Ensure the consistency is correct, resembling the texture of whole milk. This ensures a proper application.


Begin Whitewashing
Work on small sections of the room, starting at a corner, and apply the whitewash evenly using a brush or roller. Consistency is key, so take your time to avoid gaps or streaks. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying another, which typically takes a full day.


Decorate for Festivity
Once your walls have been perfectly whitewashed, it’s time to add some holiday decor to enhance your home. Consider creating vibrant rangoli designs at the entrance, hanging lanterns, diyas, or string lights for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, adding floral arrangements, wall hangings, and colorful artwork for a festive touch. You can also use scented candles and incense to create a pleasant aroma throughout your house.

At Smartscale House Design, we understand that preparing your home for a festival involves careful consideration of its interior design. Here are some tips to pair the trendiest interior styles with your whitewashed walls:

– Choose furniture and accessories that complement the white background.
– Rearrange your furniture to optimize socializing, dining, and relaxation areas.
– Add a personal touch to your interior design with heirlooms, family portraits, or sentimental artwork.
– Allow natural light to brighten your room, and consider using sheer curtains for privacy.
– Incorporate indoor plants to improve air quality and add a natural element to your festive home design.


Whitewashing your home before the festival season is a lovely tradition that brings a sense of rejuvenation and purity to your living space. At Smartscale House Design, we aim to provide you with the best interior designs that complement your whitewashed walls and create a vibrant and harmonious ambiance. Let’s embrace the festive spirit by decorating your home with the ideal whitewash and indoor decor that reflects your unique style and traditions.

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