Kitchen Vastu Tips for a Balanced Home

The kitchen, located in the centre of your home, is a room that feeds both your body and your spirit. According to the ancient Indian practice of kitchen Vastu, the energy in this area can affect your harmony and general well-being. We at Smartscale House Design recognise the value of harmony and uplifting energy in your living areas. Let’s explore the world of kitchen Vastu and learn how to design a culinary sanctuary that feeds the body and the soul.

The positioning of the elements

The placement of important components is crucial in Vastu for achieving harmony. Because fire tends to spread in that direction, put the stove in the southeast corner of the kitchen. The northeast is where the water element resides, making it the perfect place for the washbasin. This layout makes it possible for antagonistic components to live in harmony, which improves the energy flow in the kitchen.

Creating vibrant energies

Colours have the ability to affect energy and emotions. On the walls of the kitchen, choose calming, soft colours like green or yellow. These hues encourage optimism, creativity, and a tranquil state of mind. Dark colours should be avoided because they tend to zap the energy of the room.

Creating positive attitudes

The flow of energy is impeded by clutter. Organise your kitchen’s ingredients, spices, and tools to keep it clutter-free. Cleaning up your surroundings not only improves your mood but also promotes a smooth flow of energy, which enhances the pleasure of cooking.

The dining area

If at all possible, place the dining room next to or close to the kitchen. This arrangement encourages a smooth transition from preparation to eating, enhancing the social and communal aspects of meals. The seamless fusion of the kitchen’s and the dining room’s energies fosters a feeling of community.

Bringing in new energy

A kitchen needs good ventilation and lots of natural light. While natural light brings in uplifting energy, proper air circulation guarantees that stagnant energies don’t build up. To keep a lively and vibrant ambiance, take into account adding bright lighting fixtures.

Putting Ingredients and utensils in order

It’s important to organise how you store your food and utensils. Set up distinct storage spaces for various item categories. Keep cooking items in one area and grains and pulses in another, for instance. This organisation not only speeds up the cooking process but also promotes a healthy exchange of energy.

Appliance placement with consideration

Appliances like the microwave and refrigerator need to be put away from the cooking stove at the proper distance. The cooling powers of the refrigerator can fight with the heat produced by the burner. An equilibrium of harmonic energy is kept in the kitchen by keeping them at a fair distance from one another.

Increasing energy and space

To make your kitchen appear larger, incorporate a mirror into the layout. A strategically placed mirror not only reflects positive energy but also fosters a sense of openness. Include additional natural components like potted plants or herbs. They give the area a vivid, fresh, and alive vibe.

How important cleanliness is

A spotless kitchen is a holy place. Clean counters, appliances, and utensils frequently to make sure that clutter and grime don’t interfere with good energies. Regular cleaning cleanses the energy in the kitchen while also preserving a clean environment.

The Influence of forms

Geometric shapes are important in design according to Vastu. Shapes like squares and rectangles are said to be lucky for the kitchen. To harness good energy and harmony, consider these shapes while planning the arrangement of your kitchen.

It’s not just about design when applying Kitchen Vastu principles to your culinary hideaway; it’s also about creating a setting that resonates with good vibes and promotes wellbeing. We at Smartscale House Design are here to assist you in bringing harmony, balance, and vitality into your kitchen. Use these Vastu principles as a guide to create a kitchen that will nourish your body and inspire your spirit. After all, the centre of a peaceful home is a well-balanced kitchen.

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